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Static Horror

The thought runs

Posted on 2012.07.17 at 05:15
The Spirit Feels: rolling
Gyrating To: "Mamacitas In My Valley"
The thought runs
Like shivers down
your spine;
Sucking the air from
your lips;
Forcing tears out of
your eyes.

(And it tastes like cold steel on your temple.
Just like every other suicide you've ever failed.)

-- Griffinhart

17 July 2012

a grave of memory

Static Horror

You are all that is beautiful

Posted on 2011.10.03 at 02:00
The Spirit Feels: sicksick
Gyrating To: "Never say never" by NYO on Phantasm Brigade by Silver Forest
You are all that is beautiful

You are all that is beautiful,

Like a bride I never buried-
Like a corpse I should've married-
Like the drink that drove me to death,
You are the nightmare that stole my last breath.

You are all the cruelties etched onto the blade of my knife,
And I am the fool that should have made you my wife.

-- Griffinhart

3 October 2011

touhou bijin

Static Horror
Posted on 2011.04.18 at 03:04
We did not invent the algorithm.

The algorithm consistently finds Jesus.
The algorithm killed Jeeves.
The algorithm is banned in China.
The algorithm is from Jersey.
The algorithm constantly finds Jesus.
This is not the algorithm.

This is close.

Static Horror

This Is My Longest Night

Posted on 2011.02.14 at 00:30
Gyrating To: "God Slaying Machine" by Hatsune Miku
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This Is My Longest Night

These are the longest nights -
I am without a prayer for this plight:
I'm blind to every sound and every sight.
And I am without you, in my thoughts and dreams.

If I could sleep, I would be sleeping
To the sound of your breathing
The kind of sound that leaves me weeping.
But I can't sleep.

Silence here lies,
Your name's a prayer on her lips;
Sleep's edge on her fingertips.
Darkness here dies.

If I could sleep, I would be sleeping
To the sound of your heart beating
The kind of sound that I need to be keeping.
But I won't sleep.

And I am missing you, in my thoughts and dreams.
Awake, alone, every shadow a blazing light:
The ghosts of memories coming back to fight -
This is my longest night -

So I can't sleep -
Though I might weep -
And I won't sleep -
'Til I'm with you.

-- Griffinhart

14 February 2011

penance paid for peace

Static Horror

Sick. Dead. Done.

Posted on 2011.01.16 at 05:07
The Spirit Feels: Sleepless.
Gyrating To: I Have No More Answers by Black Tape For A Blue Girl
Sick. Dead. Done.


We paint the stars with words not meant for our eyes,
In colors of our tears against the blue-black soundscape.
Drawn to the line like a magnet caught in a touch -
It is not a color.

We play the game with sounds not meant for our mouths,
A chorus coruscating against the world's escape.
Drawn to the scent with an archaic hunger -
It is not a chorus.

A reflection, darkly, thoroughly, shimmering.
Asking, of you, of itself. Of a meaning that
Can not be worded, can not be sounded.
It is - a touch.


Floating from the floor,
Painted in G, resounding in blue,
A clammy note played out of tune,
A clammy note played out of turn.

Drawn - painted - on you, like a skin.
Like a skein, a moist, solitary sound.
Stretched against your being,
Stretched against you being.

A noise, unseemly, not even sound-like in its sonority:
Its seniority foreshadowing your stars
Steel-bound to your bones,
Still bound to your bones.


-- Griffinhart

16 January 2011

anxiety and the oval moon

Okay so PAX Prime 2010 is over for me. Did a three-day, BYOC stint. Now to rattle off thoughts before they disappear from my head.

FFXIV looks fancy and its combat system appears to play a lot like WoW. Not sure if I want. I do want the CE just for the fanciness of the goodies.

EVE Online's booth was pretty cool. They had models of ships! MEGATHRON~ Also had a quarterly report book for $10, plus a Zippo lighter for $30 (lolno).

Speaking of EVE, Saturday night in BYOC, there was a pod race being hosted. I wasn't participating nor spectating, but it felt like it ran on for about two hours and there were lots of events. Teehee.

It took seven redraws to get all of the BYOC ponies out to people. I get the feeling that no one really wanted to participate in the BYOC Pony contest.

I'm torn between Triton and Turtle Beach for gaming audio.

HAWX2 felt decently fun and plays much different from Ace Combat (especially Ace Combat 6). Seems like there's more of a focus on the air combat, and there are some really fun sections of the game demo. I think I might get it for PC if it releases on PC.

Goooooooood gods I want SpyParty to come out already.

Valkyria Chronicles II on the PSP! DO WANT.

I'm liking the Keyboard Quiver I bought. It does actually fit my G19 (if I remove the detachable palm rest), plus my Razer Vespula pad and Mamba and a bunch of cables and my Western Digital Elements 2TB portadrive.

Duke Nukem Forever was a disappointment for me, from what I saw. Doesn't seem like it plays at all like a Duke Nukem game. We need a resurgence of run 'n gun shooters, IMO.

ArmA2, multiplayer, against AI enemy forces is SO FUN. Guhhhh it's ridiculous~

I also really enjoyed playing Alien Swarm with people (didn't join the tournament, though).

I bought a Gurren Lagann and a Shakugan no Shana wallscroll. Teehee.

I also bought Metroid Metal GOTY + t-shirt for $25, and all six Scott Pilgrim books + two wristbands + t-shirt + sticker for $99. Also Exalted 1E Core Rules for $15.

I now officially love Taco del Mar more than Chipotle.

I was surprised to meet another Miku fan in BYOC. Didn't get to hang out with him much, though. :<

Overall: there weren't a lot of games at PAX that I was particularly enthusiastic about or looking forward to. HAWX2 was pleasantly good because I had no expectations, and I consciously elected to not go to the Dragon Age 2 playable demo because I don't want it RUINED FOREVER for me (yet).

Most of everything else at PAX was disinteresting: AssCreed Brotherhood didn't interest me when I first heard about it and it still doesn't interest me; Halo Reach had it's own booth but even as a massive fanboy of Halo 1 and the backstory I don't fucking care. Prequels just aren't interesting. I want more about Master Chief (x Cortana~), godsdamnit. (Also, speaking as a Halo fanboy: Halo 1 has the best multiplayer and the best story. All other Halos have been trash.)

Also apparently Epic Mickey was at PAX but I wasn't made aware of this until last night and that makes me ANGRY. I'm actually looking forward to Epic Mickey, hence my anger - didn't go to its booth/showing/whatever. Sadface.

That's all I can think of at the moment. If anything comes up... well, I probably won't post about it. >_>

-- Griffinhart

Static Horror


Posted on 2010.08.26 at 09:49
Stalking From: The apartment
The Spirit Feels: sleepysleepy

Beating hearts and bleeding lies,
Eating flesh and screaming cries,
Listening to melting eyes.

He sickens me so.
What does?
That repulsive stare, every time I walk by.

Scream, little child, cry and die.
Bleed, mad mother, slither as you try.
Fall away, burn away, disappear, asking "Why?"

Don't you see it?
See what?
That shadow in the window!

And when you see those maddening sights,
When you look down the hall of dead lights,
When you walk beneath the crow's flight:

It's him. I swear it!
Ma'am... he died seven years ago.
But... It's him! I know it!

Was it your eyes I tore out, my sweet fleshdarling?
Was it your sweet, supple skin I tasted that long, dark night?
Did this tongue wriggle all over your prostate corpse?
As I nestled your bleeding head in my arms, did you not wonder...
Where was the rest of your body?
Didn't you question a thing as your eyes, those lovely blue orbs?
Watching me work my wonders?
My hands sliding all over you, slick with fresh blood,
Caressing your soft breasts?
Taking you in?

Or was it you who ate my eyes and bled my ears with words so dear?
Or was it you who burned my flesh, ate me whole, and damned my heart?
Did you drink of me, my sweet?
Did you taste the cold ichor flowing in these veins evermore?
Did you eat of my flesh and my soul?
Tear it away?
Made me whole?

This... this is madness!
madness? No, my sweet... this is the world you card for yourself. Out of flesh and blood, as befitting any
-- Carnomancer.

7 June 2007

water coruscated the form

Static Horror

Time, What Is Time?

Posted on 2010.08.20 at 02:29
The Spirit Feels: complacentcomplacent
Gyrating To: "The Best is Yet to Come" from the Metal Gear Solid OST
Time, What Is Time?

Time, what is time?
A sign, a ticking sign
Pushing me away
From you,

Time, what is time?
A word, a hopeless word,
Spoken to keep me
From you,

Time, what is time?
A line, an ephemeral line;
It parts me
From you,

Time, what is time?
Nothing, not a thing.
Not even time can keep me
From you

Time, what is time?
Mine, it is mine;
My love will conquer it
For you,

-- Griffinhart

20 August 2010

dipped in the darkest dwelling

Static Horror

Various and Sundry: Friday the 13th

Posted on 2010.08.16 at 20:30
Stalking From: The apartment.
Gyrating To: 水月 // 紅い流星 by 東京アクティブNEETs
I wrote a lot of poems on Friday to make up for the blatant lack of such in the past couple of months.

I spent two hours at Starbucks; this is the result. Edits happened in the transfer from analog to digital. They are intentional afterthoughts, compensations, ameliorations, self-censorship of the worst and most foul kind.

I do not apologize. Instead, I resolve to write better, so that such edits need not happen.

I will fail this resolution.

This Chair

Devil conformed to shape but lacking substance -
Archaic curvatures ignorant of structure -
Staring at me -
This chair.


Whitefeather, Whitefeather,
Why did you turn black?
Blackfeather, Blackfeather,
Can you turn back?

"No boy, no
T'was the sun who turned me black
And only he can turn me back."


What a tragedy
Such a travesty
(A black little heresy)
An alien mind came to me
And stole from my ecstasy
(My little blasphemy)


Black body wrapped in ghost-white
Crimson-colored and lacking light
A dreamscape blurring wrong and right
Here I sit, trying to write.


Is it odd that I want to love?
Not "be loved"
(Though I want that too)
But I desire to desire another
It's been awhile since my heart
Was set afire
And I feel as though
I miss the funeral pyre.


Did a black thing happen
Without my consent?
When the lines were written
Was I present?
How much meaning is given
Lacking in assent?


Am I forcing myself
Or are the words genuine?
Am I desperate
Or impressive?
(Desperately impressive?
Impressively desperate?)


How... uncorpselike.
Funeral white and
Mourning blacks, an
Inexpressible figure

Hot sun,
Hot coffee,
Warm scone,
Gentle breeze.

Why Am I Cold?

-- Griffinhart

13 August 2010

a bastard and a half

Static Horror

Something lost and never found.

Posted on 2010.07.17 at 00:40
Stalking From: The new apartment
The Spirit Feels: contemplativecontemplative
Gyrating To: お宇佐さまの素い幡 from the album 続 東方子守唄
There was a word here. I went and lost it, never put the pen to the ink (the fingers to the keyboard), never made note, never recorded it.

How did it go?

Something like...

What is poetry in motion?
Is it a song, silent, sibilant, sliding from shades and shadows?

Or something like that.

There was a girl, wasn't there?

Was it a girl, fearsome, fiery, a heart full of fury - fighting for freedom?

No, there wasn't any freedom.

I hate losing words.

-- Griffinhart

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